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We've interviewed people across the world who are creating a better way for humans to live

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Is a better economic system possible? Andrew Simms thinks so...
Rising Earth News

Is a better economic system possible? Andrew Simms thinks so...

Andrew Simms is an author, political economist and campaigner. He is a Coordinator of the Rapid Transition Alliance, an organisation that shows real examples of rapid economic transition, including widespread behaviour change to sustainable lifestyles, which are necessary to live within planetary ecological boundaries and to limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees. In this interview, Andrew talks to Lauren about the failures of our current economic system and discusses how a better economic system IS possible, namely in the form of circular economics. LEARN MORE: Find out more about stories of evidence-based hope from the Rapid Transition Alliance here: READ MORE: Read Andrew's books on New Economics, human progress and climate change here: Don’t forget to pass your books on to friends and family; books have a carbon footprint of around 2.7 kilograms CO2 equivalent- so let’s reuse wherever possible! A massive thanks to Andrew for teaching us all about sustainable economic systems, and to everyone at The Rapid Transition Alliance for showing us that the change for a better world is possible. Interview conducted by Lauren Beavis. For more eco-news on the solutions to climate change, don't forget to subscribe! Find us on: Instagram: @risingearthnews Twitter: @risingearth1 Facebook: Check out our website for more…
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