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Are you passionate about positive news? Ready to inspire others to take action for a better world? We're a team of lovely volunteers here at Rising Earth; come and join us!

We're always expanding our dedicated volunteer team here at Rising Earth News. If you don't see an available role which interests you but have some free time and some skills which you think Rising Earth could benefit from, please get in touch and we'll see if we can work something out!

Image by Wahid Khene


Is editing your passion?
We're looking to expand our team of fantastic video editors. This role is part-time with flexible hours to fit around your schedule. 
Requirements: previous video editing experience, access to editing software, passionate, able to meet deadlines.

Visual Project


We're new to marketing here and are seeking someone with some experience to create and implement a marketing strategy for the company. This role is part-time with flexible hours to work around your schedule.
Requirements: preferably 2+ years marketing experience, utilisation of SEO, passion for enacting positive change and being part of a start-up charity.

To apply to any role, simply send us an email and put the subject as your desired position. If you have a CV or any past experience, attach that too. We'll be sure to respond soon.

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