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Our story: Welcome
Image by Tj Holowaychuk



The seeds of Rising Earth were sewn when Howard delivered a 'From Extinction to Restoration' talk at Bristol University's Sustainable Careers Fair. Little did he know the profound effect this talk would have on two attending students, Lauren and Lilly: opening their eyes for the first time to some of the incredible, positive stories that were emerging from the otherwise devastating impacts of the climate crisis.


Lilly was moved to tears by Howard's vision of a better future and his conviction that her generation would be the ones to create it. So, she stayed behind to learn more from Howard after his talk. She told him how she wanted more than anything to help create this greener, happier society, but didn't know where to begin! Luckily for her, Howard had some ideas...


The two met up and found themselves in a long conversation about how important it is that everyone knows not just the truth about the climate crisis, but that people hear about the solutions which are already in place, and realise that they, too, can be a part of the solution; the very same conversation Lilly and Lauren had shared when they happened to bump into each other a few days prior at a Climate Strike, out of the 30,000 people who attended.


That's when Howard decided to share an idea with Lilly which he'd been planning for some time: to create a 'new' news channel which focuses on telling these positive stories. So when he asked her if she wanted to help him make this idea a reality, and if she knew anyone else who could help, I think you can guess her answers...

Our story: About


Look, we're not all tree-hugging hippies (although some of us definitely are), and we're not asking everyone to sack off their old lives to live in their shed with shelves packed high with avocados. What we do want, though, is to give society its biggest glow up yet so that everything becomes sustainable. We envision a world on the other side of this current climate, mental health, and equality crisis, where people and planet can start living happily and harmoniously. A world where we can reconnect with what it truly means to be human- to be a part of nature- is a happier world for everyone.

Meet the team! 

(A bunch of tree-hugging hippies) 




I see a future where everyone is equal. Where we all devote the bulk of our time to planting and healing the earth, and in turn rebuilding our relationship with nature and ourselves.
A future where my children and my children's children will be able to know the beauty of the earth as I have known it.

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I see a future where we live in a society that values people and planet higher than profit. Where we power our society through sun, wind, water and plants. Where we work together to restore the earth, and to end poverty around the world. Where how we value our success is not merely measured in money. 




I see a future where we value the natural more than the financial. Where we celebrate the wonders of nature and live harmoniously with not only each other but all other living species and wildlife.

Where people who care about the environment aren’t regarded as militant vegans or extremists (cuz let’s be real, who doesn’t love oat milk). A future where happiness comes first.



Video Production

I see a future where we put nature first. Where humankind pays nature back for all that we have taken from it. Where we balance and understand the needs of others. Where the exploration for oil and gas has long since ceased and everyone, everywhere breathes clean air and has access to clean water. Where governments work for progress not profit.



Renewable Energy Editor

I see a future where our communities and businesses work together for justice - social, environmental, and economic. A future where our buildings become low carbon powerstations, where our cities purify the air more than they pollute it, where we live in balance and harmony with those at home and across the globe.



Social Media Content Creator

I see a future where climate consciousness is the norm. Where communities support not only one another but the natural world around them. Where ethical decisions are easily and widely made.

Our story: Cast & Crew
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