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Image by Casey Horner


A 'new' kind of news channel.

Here at Rising Earth, we're focused on the good stuff. Right now, there's a sustainable revolution taking place, and we think it's about time everyone got to see it! All across the world, people have created ways of living that respect their environment whilst making them feel good: by growing their own permaculture gardens, creating their own renewable energy sources, re-planting forests...

The only future we believe in at Rising Earth is one where respect for nature is integral to our society. A future where everyone leads simpler, happier lives, and has the time to appreciate the natural beauty of our planet instead of destroying it. A future free of the hatred, greed, and inequality that we've become so tolerant of. 

Millions of people are already working together to turn this incredible vision of a future into a reality. Thousands of communities (and even some countries!) already value the planet over profit. With our news channel, we want to make sure these incredible stories are known, and hopefully inspire some of you to take action in the process. 

We are on the brink of an Age of Restoration. We invite you to be a part of it.